Hyela Lee

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Pentaport Rock Festival is one of the largest live music events in South Korea.

This project entailed designing the packaging for Pentaport’s VIP kit. I rebranded Pentaport’s identity and created a new logo and produced the festival's posters, guitar picks, pins, programs, ticket stubs, and VIP pass.

The goal of the project was to capture Pentaport's loud, energetic, rock’n'roll feeling and then presenting it in a clean and bold manner. All the individual elements were uniquely designed to stand alone, but they were also created so they could come together to create a single, uniformed, and striking packaging element.

The challenge of the project was not only to design the graphics but to produce, such as printing and constructing, all the elements. I had to keep good communication with the plastic manufacturer. Additionally, working with INT proved to be fun yet very challenging. Needles to say, the experience furthered my knowledge of the various intricacies involved in working within a variety of production techniques.

The end result is not merely a functional packaging element, but a long-lasting souvenir that serves to remind the festival goer of the unforgettable experience at Pentaport.


Identity, Logo, Packaging, Custom Letter, Illustration

Type Of Work

Student Project